Now is the Time to Train Your Employees on Cybersecurity

With the Coronavirus prevention measures in full-effect and millions of workers making the move to Work From Home (WFH), employers are looking for ways to keep engaged with employees and keep morale up. Cybersecurity training is one way to combat WFH fatigue and give back to employees, while helping secure your company. 

We often see cybersecurity training pushed to the back burner. "We're too busy", "We don't know where to begin", "We'll get around to it", "We train annually" are all things we've heard from companies. Now, with workers at home, all the coffee breaks, hallway chats and team meetings that used to eat up cycles are falling by the wayside... as are the ways to engage your employees and give back to them. 

Taking an informal poll of executives this week, I've had unanimous positive response to the idea of offering employees cybersecurity training as a way to help secure the businss and give something back to employees that will help their careers no matter where the future takes us. 

Why is Cybersecurity Training Important? 

Your employees are your first line of defense against hackers and breaches. The employee that is aware of what they are clicking, knows how to spot a phishing attempt and knows what to do if they see something strange is a "human firewall". They can keep out ransomware and reduce the risk of fraud. 

Does Cybersecurity Training Really Work?


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